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Regulatory Filings   

Maritime Electric has filed applications for a Proposed Combustion Turbine Generator Project and Demand Side Management Plan.

Power Outage Update   

Providing reliable electricity to your home and business is our top priority. However, there are times whether scheduled (system upgrades) or unscheduled (weather-related, vehicle accidents, etc.) that customers will experience a power outage.

  • Incandescent Phase Out

    Canada’s guidelines regarding incandescent lighting have changed.


    Maritime Electric is part of an innovative research project called PowerShift Atlantic.

  • Paperless Billing

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  • Energy Calculator

    Find out how much energy you are using.

Summer Safety Tips for Flying Kites & Model Planes
  • Fly your kites and model planes in open parks or fields away from power lines.
  • If your kite or model plane gets tangled in a power line, do not try to get it. Contact Maritime Electric immediately for assistance.