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Electrical Safety on the Farm   

As farmers prepare for the planting season, it is important to understand how to identify and avoid electrical safety hazards while working on the farm.

Interconnection Upgrade Project   

The Interconnection Upgrade Project will provide Prince Edward Island with safe and reliable electricity for the future.

  • Incandescent Phase Out

    Canada’s guidelines regarding incandescent lighting have changed.

  • Paperless Billing

    Sign up today for paperless billing!

  • Energy Calculator

    Find out how much energy you are using.

Clothes Lines and Racks

Give your dryer a break.  Install an outdoor clothes line to dry your clothes.  You will save energy and your clothes will smell great. 

Don't have a clothes line?  Use an indoor clothes rack.  It will take a bit longer for your clothes to dry, but it is an energy efficient alternative to the clothes dryer.