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March 2015 Rate Increase   

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Power Outage Update   

Providing reliable electricity to your home and business is our top priority. However, there are times whether scheduled (system upgrades) or unscheduled (weather-related, vehicle accidents, etc.) that customers will experience a power outage.

  • Incandescent Phase Out

    Canada’s guidelines regarding incandescent lighting have changed.


    Maritime Electric is part of an innovative research project called PowerShift Atlantic.

  • Paperless Billing

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  • Energy Calculator

    Find out how much energy you are using.

Building your Own Home? Ask Your Electrician

Call a Maritime Electric Customer Service Representative early into the construction planning process and know the answers to the following questions, your electrician can help you find the answers.

  • Will you need both temporary and permanent service?
  • Is there a power line currently running by your property?
  • How far is your home from the power line?
  • What size of electrical entrance are you planning?
  • Are you planning to have underground facilities?