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Careers at Maritime Electric   

Maritime Electric has many different opportunities and is proactive in looking for individuals interested in joining our progressive team.

Power Outage Update   

Providing reliable electricity to your home and business is our top priority. However, there are times whether scheduled (system upgrades) or unscheduled (weather-related, vehicle accidents, etc.) that customers will experience a power outage.

  • Incandescent Phase Out

    Canada’s guidelines regarding incandescent lighting have changed.


    Maritime Electric is part of an innovative research project called PowerShift Atlantic.

  • Paperless Billing

    Sign up today for paperless billing!

  • Energy Calculator

    Find out how much energy you are using.


Turn off your computer, monitor, printer, and speakers when not in use. Computers do not use large amounts of energy when starting up, nor do constant start-ups damage computer components.

Want to save even more? Get a laptop! Laptops use up to 90 per cent less energy than a desktop computer.