Transmission Line and Clyde River Substation Project

The Clyde River Substation Project has received approval to proceed from the PEI Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change.

The Project consists of a new 138 kV transmission line from Maple Plains to a new substation in Clyde River to accommodate electrical load growth and improve the reliability for our customers in the area.

The Company held a public information session on February 25, 2020 in Kelly's Cross to discuss the proposed project. Approximately 100 people attended to discuss the proposed project with Maritime Electric representatives.

Clyde River Substation

The new Clyde River Substation is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, near Bannockburn Road. The substation civil works and control building are substantially complete, with construction work ongoing. The Company’s plan is to have the substation energized by mid-summer of 2021.

Transmission Line

The transmission line route (marked as the black line on the map) begins at the substation location on the Trans-Canada Highway, near Bannockburn Road. The route travels northeast to Bannockburn Road and follows this road until Route 225. The route heads west on Route 225 in Hampshire for 20.5 km, then south on Route 232 for 1.6 km. The route then turns west on Duffy Road and continues to Connelly Woods Road, where the line connects to Line Y109-Extension in Maple Plains.

Tree trimming is required along the transmission line route. Tree trimming will take place along the Connelly Woods Road, Duffy Road, County Line Road, Kinkora Highway Route 225, and Bannockburn Road. Work will begin on February 24 and is expected to take approximately five weeks.

Please be aware of crews when they are working in your area, and maintain a safe distance.

If you have any questions, please contact us Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm at 1-800-670-1012 or