LED Lighting

Making sure your home has the most efficient lighting is one of the simplest and most cost effective steps you can take to begin saving money and energy today!

How to save with LED lighting
  • By replacing your older style incandescent bulbs or newer halogen incandescent bulbs with today’s LED bulbs, homeowners can expect to save up to 80% on the portion of their electric bill dedicated to lighting.
  • An incandescent bulb may be the cheapest to buy, but the overall cost of both purchasing and powering the bulb will be far higher than an LED bulb.
  • Over the longer life of an LED, savings can exceed $50 per bulb. That’s a lot of savings, especially when you multiply the savings by the number of bulbs in your home.

Remember, today’s new LED bulbs are just as bright as your old incandescent bulbs and come in a range of colour temperatures to suit any mood or décor. And the good news is LED bulbs are now cost competitive, in many cases providing payback on the cost of the bulb in under one year.

Learn more about LED lighting and how to choose a replacement LED bulb for your home.

PDF: Choosing a Replacement for the Standard Incandescent Light Bulb