Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Every day our team works on PEI’s electrical system to keep the power on. This means a lot of care and effort goes into every aspect of our work. Each employee is responsible for his or her work to make sure that safety is our first consideration on the job. Some employees have tailboard meetings before every job and some complete system inspections and safety checks on equipment, but all of our departments have regular safety meetings, share best practices and discuss near misses. We are all committed to a safer workplace every day around the clock for our entire team. We look out for each other, and we take each and every opportunity to be safe in all conditions and all situations.

Every individual working for or on behalf of Maritime Electric shares a responsibility towards achieving these commitments, including…

Management System
  • A Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management system, based on the requirements of the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standards is maintained.
Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements
  • Operations are conducted in a manner that, at a minimum, meet applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Maritime Electric has committed.
Risk Assessment
  • The Company identifies hazards and environmental aspects and minimizes risks that could cause injury, ill health or significant environmental impacts. It is the duty of each employee to immediately report to their Supervisor or Manager any hazardous condition, environmental release or spill, injury, ill health or accident related to the workplace.
Improved Performance
  • Realistic and measurable goals for improving HSE performance have been established and are monitored and communicated to employees on a regular basis.  
Employee Training
  • Employees are provided with appropriate training and adequate supervision to ensure that they have the tools and support to complete their tasks safely, responsibly and in a manner that protects the environment. Supervisors will ensure that employees under their direct supervision follow safe work practices to protect themselves, their fellow workers, the general public and the environment.
Contractor Procurement
  • Contractors are competent to complete the work assigned to them and are be made aware of their responsibilities related to the HSE management system.
Engagement of Employees
  • Input from all levels of the organization is encouraged to improve the effectiveness of the HSE management system.
Public Safety
  • The Company provides the general public with information and tips regarding potential risks associated with its operations.