Electrical Safety Programs

The Maritime Electric Public Safety Program includes four different electrical safety presentations that are provided to various groups across the province throughout the year. These safety presentations promote awareness and provide tips to help prevent electrical accidents. Maritime Electric’s retirees and current employees provide all our safety presentations.

Grade 6 Shocking Truth

The Grade 6 "Shocking Truth" presentation includes electrical safety information aimed specifically at this age group and is provided each year in elementary schools across the province. The presentation includes the "Hazard Hamlet" visual display board, booklets for each student and a video presentation. Island students have benefited from these presentations for many years. Letters are sent out to Island schools each year requesting to book a presentation.

Electrical Safety for First Responders

The "Electrical Safety for First Responders" presentation has been provided to groups of first responders since 1999. First responders such as firefighters, police and emergency medical service providers benefit from the information provided to help them respond safely to situations that may involve downed wires, pole fires, vehicle accidents and other emergency situations. The presentation has evolved over the years and includes discussion and a video on many scenarios that first responders may encounter.

Electrical Safety at Work and at Home

"Electrical Safety at Work and at Home" includes electrical safety information that is useful for everyone. Basic electrical facts and scenarios for home and work-based activities are provided including a room-by-room list of electrical safety tips. This presentation has been popular with various groups seeking a basic understanding of electrical safety and tips on how to stay safe. This presentation can also be tailored to address special interests, such as those in the farm community.

Power Line Hazards Awareness

The "Power Line Hazards Awareness" presentation started in 1999 and provides electrical safety information to contractors and includes steps that they can take to prevent accidental contact with electrical lines and apparatus. This presentation is provided each month as requested to Island contractors and employee groups. The session includes discussion of electrical properties, basic terms and real life scenarios. Each person attending the session receives a PLH Booklet and a "Look up for the Lines" decal.

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