Vehicle Accidents

If your vehicle contacts a power line, or a power line falls on your vehicle, try to stay calm and follow these tips to keep you and your passengers safe:

  • If your vehicle contacts a power line, remain inside the vehicle and call 9-1-1 for help. Your vehicle and the ground around you may be energized and could electrocute you if exit the vehicle right away.
  • Roll down your window if you can and warn others to stay away from the vehicle, the power line and any wires that may have fallen.
  • Wait until the fire department, police or Maritime Electric workers tells you it is safe to get out of the car before exiting the vehicle.
  • If you absolutely must leave the vehicle before the arrival of electric utility personnel, jump free so your body isn’t touching the vehicle or equipment and the ground at the same time, land with your feet together and hop or shuffle away from the scene to a distance of at least 30 metres (98 feet). Warn others to remain clear and call Maritime Electric.