Fraud and Scam Prevention

Scams are on the rise. Utility customers are often the target of scams, especially in times of vulnerability, including major weather events and outages. These scammers are looking to obtain personal information such as passwords, account/credit card details or money.

We encourage all Maritime Electric customers to be aware and cautious of fraudulent phone calls and scam text messages claiming to be Maritime Electric.

Scams may include but are not limited to:


Individuals or voice recordings claiming to be Maritime Electric employees call about an outstanding balance on an account, urging customers to make an immediate payment to avoid disconnection. They sometimes copy the Maritime Electric greeting and holding recordings to seem more convincing to the customer. We advise customers to ignore these calls and do NOT provide any personal or financial information over the phone.

Text Message
  • Customers have received text messages saying they’re receiving a refund due to overbilling. This is not from Maritime Electric. The message asks the customer to tap or click on a link to accept the refund, then prompts the user to enter their banking information. Any customer receiving this type of message should ignore and delete it. This is a scam.
  • If you have clicked on such a link and entered your banking information, please contact your bank immediately.

If you are a paperless billing customer, you receive an email reminder when your online bill is ready to view. Maritime Electric does not urge immediate payments to be made using a credit card by clicking links and does not request personal information to be sent via email. To make any changes to your account or provide information, always do so through My Power.

These scam emails typically contain:

  • Unfamiliar senders or small changes to a Maritime Electric email
  • Urgent wording
  • Suspicious links
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

If you are ever concerned with the legitimacy of an email from Maritime Electric, please call us at 1-800-670-1012 to speak with a Customer Service Representative directly.


  • Maritime Electric does NOT communicate billing or any account information, including disconnects, rebates, etc. via text message
  • Maritime Electric does NOT send text/SMS messages or emails demanding payment or offering a refund.
  • Maritime Electric does NOT directly accept payment by credit card and thus would never ask for your credit card number.
  • Maritime Electric does NOT request an immediate payment by credit card to avoid disconnection.
  • Maritime Electric DOES call a customer whose bill is in arrears to remind them a payment is required, but the representative will help the customer by making payment arrangements to help the customer avoid disconnection if possible.

If you think you are a target of a scam:

  • Do not click any links provided.
  • Do not provide ANY credit card, banking or personal information to a suspicious caller.
  • Contact Maritime Electric at 1-800-670-1012 to confirm account details.
  • Block the number.

If you feel threatened in any way, please contact the police.

If you are ever concerned about the legitimacy of a phone call or any communication with Maritime Electric, please contact our Customer Service Team directly at 1-800-670-1012 to ensure you are speaking with a Maritime Electric Representative.

How and When Maritime Electric Communicates with You:

  • Maritime Electric will send an automated voice message to your phone if a planned power interruption of power is scheduled for your address.
  • A Customer Service Representative will contact you if your account is in arrears and will work with you to help determine the best payment solutions for your situation. It’s our goal to help you avoid falling any further behind.
  • Maritime Electric still sends paper bills to customers who are not signed up for paperless billing. View a Maritime Electric sample bill.