Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station Demolition

Maritime Electric is currently demolishing the Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station, also known as “the Plant.” The Plant, which forms part of the Company’s facilities on Cumberland Street, surpassed its useful life and was fully decommissioned as of December 31, 2021. Demolition of the Plant began in late 2023 when contractors arrived on site and began dismantling the Plant building structure.  

Customers will soon begin to see changes to the Charlottetown skyline as contractors work to remove the smokestacks. To remove the stacks, a mobile work platform, which moves up and down the height of the stack, was installed, and will allow for a methodical demolition from top to bottom. This demolition is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2024 with site beautification taking place in the Spring of 2025. 
The Plant site will continue to play a vital role in our Company’s electricity system, as it also contains:  

  • A 50 megawatt combustion turbine; 
  • a substation that serves the electrical load of the eastern side of Charlottetown and areas east of the City;  
  • and the Company’s Energy Control Centre (ECC), which operates PEI’s electricity grid, energy scheduling and after-hours customer service response.  

For public safety and security reasons, the site will remain restricted and not be accessible by the public. 


Images of the Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station, known as “the Plant” taken in Spring 2024. 


Maritime Electric Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station (known as “the Plant”) Demolition – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Why did the Plant need to be decommissioned?

The Plant was past its useful life and would have needed extensive refurbishment to continue to operate safely and reliably. In addition, fast-starting generation (such as combustion turbines) are better suited to Maritime Electric’s capacity requirements. With the decommissioning of the Plant, the Company also significantly reduced its carbon footprint.  

When will the work be completed?

The estimated timeline for the remaining work is as follows: 

  • The ongoing building demolition started March 5th and is scheduled to be completed in July. 
  • The stacks are expected to be demolished during the timeline of June to September. 
Are there future plans for the property?

Maritime Electric does not intend to reduce its use of the site. The site will continue to house an electric power generating station (50 megawatt Combustion Turbine) and a substation that serves the electrical load for the eastern side of Charlottetown and areas east of the City. 

Who is doing the work?

Budget Demolition of York1 Demolition Group, a highly specialized Canadian contractor from Hamilton, Ontario, have been hired to complete this project due to their vast experience and strong, proven track record with respect to health, safety and environmental management. York1 Demolition has demolished power generating stations as well as large structures such as smokestacks and football stadiums previously. 

What safety precautions are being taken?

Considering the nature of the work, site location and proximity to residents, a key objective is to manage any health and safety risks for employees and residents. The demolition site is secured with fencing and a security presence. Maritime Electric is also working with the contractor to make sure the project follows all safety protocols and safety plans.

How is the project waste being disposed of?

GFL has been hired by York1 to properly dispose of all waste streams and Maritime Electric’s environmental consultant (GHD) double checks GFL’s facility permits to ensure waste is going to an acceptable location.   

During what hours is the work taking place?

The project work takes place between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily, permitting that weather conditions are safe to do so. 

Will there be noise and dust from the Project?

Yes. There will be noise, vibration and dust associated with the Project. Maritime Electric worked with the contractor to perform a thorough cleaning inside the CTGS building, stacks, and structures to minimize the extent of the dust created. Maritime Electric has also set up dust, noise and vibration monitoring sensors surrounding the demolition site. To date, the Contractor has managed all demolition work without exceeding any of the permitted thresholds.