Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Planning for the future means planning for the impacts of climate change and corresponding increase in intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. Our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Report (“Adaptation Strategy”) identifies future regional climate risks and strategies to manage their impacts through proactive system investments.

Working with climate experts, we looked ahead at weather projections through 2070 and developed strategies to address climate related risks. In total, 17 strategies were identified and associated action items were developed, some of which we have already implemented. Our customers are relying on us to deliver safe, reliably and sustainable electricity, and investments in grid resiliency and reliability are key.

Our Sustainability Department will oversee the execution of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, which will be continuously reviewed and updated as new climate science emerges. 

View the full report below, or download a PDF copy: A Report on Maritime Electric's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy [PDF- 22.3 MB]

This report was made possible with financial support from the Government of Prince Edward Island’s Climate Challenge Fund.