Fees and Charges

Connection fees will be charged for most initial service connections including metered temporary facilities. If the connection is not within Maritime Electric's regular business hours, additional charges may be applied. Please note, if servicing your electrical entrance requires and extension of overhead, underground or optional facilities, you may incur additional charges.

Security Deposit
  • When setting up your new electrical service, some fees and charges may be incurred. A refundable security deposit may be required by Maritime Electric and can range from a minimum of $100.00 to a maximum of two months billing. Interest will be paid on your deposit.
Service Charge/Demand Charge
  • All residential customers and most churches and farms are billed a service charge. The service charge covers the cost of the equipment and the maintenance of that equipment. Commercial customers may also be billed a demand charge. The demand charge is based on a measure of the maximum amount of energy required during any 15 minute interval in a month. Customers with high demand require more costly transformers, meters, lines and additional generation capacity to provide the electricity to serve their maximum load. The energy charge is a rate applied to the kilowatt hours consumed. This charge is primarily related to the cost of generated or purchased energy.

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