Meter Reading

Meter Reading

Every time you flip a switch, use an electrical appliance or start an electric motor, the electric meter measures how much electricity is used.

The meter is like the odometer on your car. By reading the odometer at regular intervals and subtracting the beginning reading from the ending reading, you can determine the distance traveled over a certain periods. Your electrical meter operates the same way. To calculate how much electricity you have used, subtract the earlier reading from the current reading. 

Radio Interrogated (RI) Meters

Maritime Electric has replaced the majority of residential dial read watt hour meters with new Radio Interrogated meters.

A Radio Interrogated meter is a solid state single phase meter with an easy to read digital display. The meter transmits a signal to a hand-held meter reading device carried by our personnel. This device reads the meter electronically and the data is downloaded to a computerized billing system. The main advantages of RI meters include easy customer readability and monthly billing based on actual readings, not estimated usage.

Metering Standard

Our meters are tested and approved by Measurements Canada.

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