Net Metering

Understanding Net Metering for Renewable Energy Generators up to 100 kW in Size

A provincial government policy objective incorporated in the Renewable Energy Act was the introduction of net metering for small capacity renewable energy generators up to 100 kW in size. Since the late 1970's Maritime Electric had allowed the connection of small generators powered by renewable energy sources to its system. Net metering was introduced to assist customers who want to supply a portion, or all, of their annual electricity load from their own small capacity renewable energy generator.

Please read the Net Metering Agreement application and submit to Maritime Electric for review and approval before purchasing your generation system.

If you have any questions about Net Metering or the application process, please call us at 1-800-670-1012 or email

To become a Net Metering customer

To become a Net Metering customer please complete the Net Metering Agreement application and submit it to Maritime Electric for approval. Maritime Electric will review your application and respond within 30 days. If a customer’s renewable energy facility meets the requirements of the Renewable Energy Act and the technical requirements of Maritime Electric’s Engineering and Metering departments, Maritime Electric will within 70 days of receiving an application enter into a Net Metering Agreement with the customer.

General Information
  • A net metered small capacity renewable energy generation facility may not exceed 100 kW capacity (100,000 watts).
  • All infrastructure cost to facilitate a grid interconnection is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Maritime Electric will supply at no charge a second meter to measure the “out” energy to the grid.
  • Maritime Electric will bill the customer for all energy supplied through the “in” meter.
  • Maritime Electric will credit the customer monthly for all energy registered on the “out” meter at the same price per kWh that the energy on the “in” meter was supplied.
  • Credit kilowatt hours exceeding the “in” kWh will be carried to the following billing period.
  • Your system supplier and installer will provide you with pricing, estimated production capability and anticipated payback.