Guide to Power Lines Near your Home

We often receive questions from customers about which lines are our power lines and which are telecommunications lines. The most important thing to remember is if you find a downed wire, always assume it is energized and report it to Maritime Electric even if you think it is a telecommunications line. Our dispatcher will send a crew to the site to investigate and ensure there is no danger to the public. If you come across a downed wire, stay at least 30 metres away and warn others to do the same. Call Maritime Electric at 1-800-670-1012 as soon as possible. Learn more about power line safety.

High Voltage Power Lines: The primary power lines that transport electricity through the grid.

Important Note: Never attempt to trim trees that are near or contacting these power lines. Electricity always finds the shortest path to the ground, and by trimming trees that are near or contacting the power lines, you could be putting yourself in serious danger of electrocution.

Service Line: The service line brings electricity from the Maritime Electric grid to your home. Service lines are not insulated and are energized. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from your service line at all times.

Communications Wires: These are not electrical wires. Phone, cable or internet wires (collectively known as communications wires) are located lower down on the utility pole than high voltage power lines.

Guy Wires: Guy wires help support the utility pole and the yellow covering makes them easier to see. Guy wires are not electrical wires, but could become energized if they come into contact with a live wire. Additionally, if you see a loose or slack guy wire, stay away and contact Maritime Electric to report it.

This is an example of a tree that has been planted the proper distance away from the power line.

This is an example of a tree that has not been planted the correct distance away from the power lines and is a safety hazard. Trees contacting high voltage power lines also threaten the reliability of the electric system. If you see sparks or smoke, this is considered an emergency. Please call Maritime Electric right away at 1-800-670-1012.