Restoring Power After a Storm

How does power distribution work in PEI?

Maritime Electric’s electricity travels in a ‘circuit’ that begins at generating stations on and off the island. The electricity is then distributed at 138,000 and 69,000 volts and travels along a network of high-voltage transmission lines to substations situated across PEI. These substations reduce electricity voltage so that it can travel on smaller power lines, carrying electricity to transformers (on poles or on the ground) where the voltage is reduced again to deliver electrical power safely and efficiently to your home. When you turn on an appliance or flip a light switch on in your home the electricity circuit is completed and the electricity is ready for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maritime Electric know when my power is out?

Not necessarily. If the cause of the outage is related to one of our generating stations, transmission lines or terminals we will know immediately and begin efforts to restore power.  If the cause of the outage is a downed distribution line, we may not know until a customer calls to advise us of the situation. Please check our online outage map to determine if the outage for your location has already been reported. This information is updated every 15 minutes. You can report your outage online or by calling 1-800-670-1012.

Why does only one side of our street have power?

This is a common occurrence, as different sides of the same street can be fed power from different parts of the distribution system. Check our online outage map (updated every 15 minutes) to ensure we are aware of your outage, and report it to us if necessary.

Why is my home the only one on my street without power?

If this is the case, you may have fuses or circuit breakers in your home that have tripped to stop power flow, or you could have a problem with the electrical entrance to your house. Please call Maritime Electric at 1-800-670-1012 to report your outage to a representative.

I haven’t seen a Maritime Electric crew near my house or on my street – does this mean you’re not working on my outage?

No, this is a common misconception. Some houses or streets are connected to parts of the distribution system located in another area. Just because you don’t see us on your street does not necessarily mean we are not working on your outage.

How long will my power be out?

Since every outage is different, it is difficult to tell how long a customer will be without power. We do our best after major storms to quickly assess the situation and inform customers who may be without power for extended periods so they can prepare.

How does Maritime Electric prepare for power outages?

We monitor weather patterns regularly to adapt to severe weather and prepare as best we can for any type of event.

We also:

  • Perform regular preventative maintenance including electrical equipment inspections, line patrols and tree trimming.
  • Conduct regular reviews and training to ensure all employees and resources are prepared to respond to any type of event.
  • Work closely with other utilities through mutual aid agreements in the event of a large outage.