Help Keep Our Crews Safe

Here at Maritime Electric, safety is our number one priority. The safety of our employees, contractors, traffic controllers and our customers. We’d like to remind Islanders to keep an eye out for our crews while you’re out on the roads. Our crews are focused on staying safe while they perform their jobs, and it’s our job as motorists to ensure we enter the worksite at a controlled, safe speed.

Remember, when nearing a worksite:

  • Pay attention to the advanced warning signs.
  • Slow down as you're nearing the site and maintain a slow, controlled speed as you enter the worksite.
  • Always yield to the direction of the traffic controller and equipment (pylons, signage, etc.)
  • When travelling through any construction site, please reduce your speed to protect the workers. Construction sites on roads normally enforced at 90km/hr, will be enforced at a speed limit of 60 km/hr. All other locations are reduced to significantly lower speed limits.

Please help us keep everyone safe, including crews, yourself and other motorists!