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Safety at Home

At Maritime Electric we want our customers to be safe at all times. The following tips are meant to protect you and your

Safety for Parents and Kids

Learn how to protect you and your family from electrical hazards.

Safety for Seniors

At Maritime Electric we want our customers to be safe. This brochure provides tips on electrical safety for seniors.

Electrical Hazards

Learn how electricity behaves. Know how to respond to an electrical accident or life-threatening situation.

Generator Safety

Learn about safe installation and operation of your standby generator to prevent a potential poisoning or fatality.

Meter Safety

From time to time, a member of our Metering team may need to access your meter, is there a clear and safe pathway to you

Surge Protection

Using a designated surge protector will ensure your electronics are protected in the event of a power surge.

Seasonal Safety Tips

Follow these tips to keep you and your family safe this winter.

Downloadable Resources

Download these brochures to keep safety top of mind.

Safety at Work

Understand electrical safety at your workplace.

Safety on the Farm

Contacting or coming too close to overhead or underground power lines can be very dangerous.

Dump Truck Safety

Learn more about electrical safety for dump truck operators.

Help Keep Our Crews Safe

Safety for our customers, employees, and contractors is always our top priority.

Water and Flood Safety

What to do in the event of a flood in your home.

Vehicle Accidents

What to do if your vehicle contacts a power line.

Power Line Safety

Getting too close to power lines is extremely dangerous.

Tree Trimming

Trees growing too close to power lines can cause an interruption in electrical service. Request a tree trimming online.

Tree Planting Guide

How to plant the right tree in the right place to help prevent safety hazards and power outages.

Electrical Safety Programs

The Maritime Electric Public Safety Program includes four different electrical safety presentations you can book online.

First Responders

Emergency personnel demonstrate great personal sacrifice and outstanding dedication in the performance of their duties.

Watty's Safety for Kids Contest

Electricity is an important part of our lives and it is very important to learn how to be safe around it.

Outage Map

Get the latest on your outage by searching for your address.

Report an Outage

If you are experiencing an outage please call 1-800-670-1012 or fill out our easy online outage report.

Preparing for an Outage

Prepare an emergency kit and place it in an area that is easily accessible to you and your family.

During an Outage

Safety and household tips for what to do during an outage.

Restoring Power After a Storm

Information on how we restore your power after a storm, including frequently asked questions.

Service Masts

What to do if your service mast is damaged during a storm.

Planned Outages

Maritime Electric may be required to schedule planned outages in order to make changes to our electrical system.


Review a list of available services and follow the instructions for each as indicated.

Book a Safety Presentation

Book a safety presentation for your school or organization.

Meter Reading

The electric meter measures how much electricity is used at your home.

Net Metering

Net metering allows customers to supply a portion or all of their annual electricity load from a small capacity renewabl

Commercial Construction

Maritime Electric would like to help make your commercial construction project a success.

Underground Standards

To make the design and construction process as seamless as possible, Maritime Electric is happy to provide its standard

New Service Connect

Get connected for your new home or build. Our online service is fast, simple and will get you connected quickly.

Disconnect Request

Moving? Need to disconnect? Try our new online service disconnect request.

Street Light Repair

Is your street light out or not working properly? File an online request for repair service.

Fraud and Scam Prevention

Utility customers are often the target of scams. Learn how to protect yourself.

How to Read Your Bill

Your bill has information to help you understand your energy use.

Paperless Billing: Pay your Bill Electronically

Request paperless billing and sign up for your MyPower account.

Payment Centres

You can pay your bill at any of our Maritime Electric Payment Centres during their hours of operation.

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

2022 Sustainability Report

Read our inaugural Sustainability Report, available now.

Sustainability at Maritime Electric

Maritime Electric is an Electricity Canada Sustainable Electricity Company™.

Sustainability Policy

We are proud to be a Sustainable Electricity Company™

STEAM Programs

Maritime Electric is committed to fostering engineering talent on Prince Edward Island.

Trees for Life

Each year, Maritime Electric employees volunteer to plant trees at Island schools, parks and communities as part of Tree

Inclusion and Diversity

We’re committed to growing, innovating and leading through people by providing a safe, inclusive and sustainable workpla

Indigenous Relations and Support

We value and respect the input we receive on our projects, community engagement and fostering knowledge in our workplace

2023 Canada Games Merch Giveaway

Maritime Electric is giving away three merch packs to celebrate the 2023 Canada Games!

Renewable Energy

In Prince Edward Island, renewable energy means wind energy. Prince Edward Island has the highest level of wind integra

Electric Vehicles

Learn about the benefits of owning an electric vehicle and where you can charge up on the Island.

Smart Homes

Learn how you can save energy and increase safety with smart home devices.

Solar Energy

Learn about solar energy and homeowner incentives.

LED Lighting

Did you know LED lightbulbs use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lightbulbs? Make the switch today!

Heat Pumps

Learn how you can start saving energy with a heat pump and how to choose the best heat pump for your home.

Holiday Lights

For Islanders who want to celebrate the holidays with savings, LEDs are the only way to go!


Follow these tips to save energy the next time you purchase a new appliance.

Heating your Home

Follow these tips to save energy heating your home this winter.

Everyday Savings Tips

There are ways to save electricity all over the house!

Phantom Power

Phantom power is the energy your electronics use even when they are off

Seasonal Energy Saving Tips

Follow these tips to save energy during every season!

Managing your Energy During Extreme Cold

Learn how you can conserve energy during extreme cold.

LED Lighting FAQ

Learn more about LED lighting.

Heat Pump FAQ

Learn more about Mini-Split Heat Pumps.

Energy Calculator

Find out how much electricity your appliances, lights and heaters use in your home.

Corporate Profile

Since 1918 Maritime Electric has delivered electricity on Prince Edward Island, providing reliable service at the lowest

Our Team

Who we are at Maritime Electric.

History of Maritime Electric

The Company was incorporated in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1917.

Contact Us

Contact Maritime Electric.

Customer Comment Card

Please send us your comments, questions or concerns, we're happy to help!

Community Giving

Maritime Electric is a proud supporter of many community groups, events and causes. Every year we strive to provide supp

Request a Donation

At Maritime Electric we support community events throughout Prince Edward Island.

Proposed Woodstock Switching Station

Maritime Electric is proposing to build a new switching substation in Woodstock to improve reliability for our customers

Proposed Marshfield Substation Project

Maritime Electric is proposing to build a new substation in Marshfield in 2021 to better serve our customers.

Maritime Electric Charlottetown Thermal Generating Station Decommissioning

Project Information

Interconnection Upgrade Project

Interconnection Upgrade Project


Maritime Electric is looking for motivated individuals to join its team.

Powering Opportunities for Women

At Maritime Electric, we value diversity and are working to create more opportunities for women to succeed in all areas

Becoming a Power Line Technician

PLT work at Maritime Electric is exciting and challenging. You work every day to serve over 83,000 customers in communit

Rates and General Rules and Regulations

Please review our rates and general rules and regulations.

Regulatory Filings

Maritime Electric is a Public Utility regulated by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) under the Electri

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the high standard of conduct we expect of everyone at Maritime Electric, and the principl

Health and Safety Policy

As a responsible member of the community, Maritime Electric is committed to the prevention of workplace injury, the prev

Message to our Customers: General Rate Application Filed

Maritime Electric filed a General Rate Application with IRAC.

Message to our Customers during COVID-19

Message to our Customers during COVID-19

Maritime Electric Releases First Sustainability Report

Maritime Electric Releases First Sustainability Report

Maritime Electric Files General Rate Application for 2023-2025

Maritime Electric Files General Rate Application for 2023-2025

Maritime Electric Receives Sustainable Electricity Company Designation (Canadian Electricity Association)

Maritime Electric Receives Sustainable Electricity Company Designation

Canada Invests in New EV Chargers Across Prince Edward Island (Natural Resources Canada)

Natural Resources Canada News Release

Trees for Life 2023

Each year, we donate trees to Island schools, parks and communities as part of the Trees for Life Program. Applications

Engineering at Maritime Electric

Meet some of our engineers and explore what an engineering career at Maritime Electric, and within the utility industry,