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At Home

At Maritime Electric we want our customers to be safe at all times. The following tips are meant to protect you and your

For Parents and Kids

Safety is a priority at Maritime Electric. The following tips are meant to protect you and your family from electrical h

Hazards and Emergencies

Learn how electricity behaves. Know how to respond to an electrical accident or life-threatening situation.

Generator Safety

Learn about safe installation and operation of your standby generator to prevent a potential poisoning or fatality.

Dump Truck Safety

Learn more about electrical safety for dump truck operators.

Electrical Safety Programs

The Maritime Electric Public Safety Program includes four different electrical safety presentations you can book online.

First Responders

Emergency personnel demonstrate great personal sacrifice and outstanding dedication in the performance of their duties.

Safety at Work

Understand electrical safety at your workplace.

Safety on the Farm

Contacting or coming too close to overhead or underground power lines can be very dangerous.

Safety for Seniors

At Maritime Electric we want our customers to be safe. This brochure provides tips on electrical safety for seniors.

Safety at Home

To be safe please review our electrical safety information for both inside and outside of your home.

Emergency Personnel Handbook

Emergency personnel demonstrate great personal sacrifice and outstanding dedication in the performance of their duties.

Outage Map

Get the latest on your outage by searching for your address.

Report an Outage

If you are experiencing an outage please call 1-800-670-1012 or fill out our easy online outage report.

Preparing for an Outage

Prepare an emergency kit and place it in an area that is easily accessible to you and your family.

During an Outage

Safety and household tips for what to do during an outage.

Restoring Power After a Storm

Information on how we restore your power after a storm, including frequently asked questions.

Planned Outages

Maritime Electric may be required to schedule planned outages in order to make changes to our electrical system.

Services Overview

For your convenience we have listed all available online services here. Follow the instructions for each as indicated.

New Service Connect

Get connected for your new home or build. Our online service is fast, simple and will get you connected quickly.

Disconnect Request

Moving? Need to disconnect? Try our new online service disconnect request.

Street Light Repair

Is your street light out or not working properly? File an online request for repair service.

Customer Comment Card

Please send us your comments, questions or concerns, we're happy to help!

Request a Donation

At Maritime Electric we support community events throughout Prince Edward Island.

Book a Safety Presentation

Book a Safety Presentation for your school or organization.

Power Planting

How to plant the right tree in the right place to help prevent safety hazards and power outages.

Net Metering

The purpose of net metering is to assist customers who wish to generate some or all of their own electricity.

Meter Reading

Maritime Electric has replaced the majority of residential dial read watt hour meters with new Radio Interrogated meters

Tree Trimming

Trees growing too close to power lines can cause an interruption in electrical service. Request a tree trimming online.

How to Read Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill

Paperless Billing: pay your bill electronically

Request paperless billing and sign up for your MyPower account.

Payment Centres

You can pay your bill at any of our Maritime Electric Payment Centres during their hours of operation.

Commercial Construction

Maritime Electric would like to help make your commercial construction project a success. By contacting Maritime Electri

Underground Standards

To make the design and construction process as seamless as possible, Maritime Electric is happy to provide its standard

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

Energy Saving Tips

There are ways to save electricity all over the house!

Seasonal Energy Saving Tips

In every season there are ways to save!

LED Lighting

By replacing your older incandescent or halogen bulbs with new LED bulbs you can save up to 80% on your lighting bill.

Holiday Lights

For Islanders who want to celebrate the holidays with savings, LEDs are the only way to go!

Home Heating

At Maritime Electric we’re here to help you save money and energy on your home heating and hot water bill.

How to Buy LED Light Bulbs

Follow these three easy steps in our PDF guide!

LED Lighting FAQ

LED Lighting FAQ

Choosing a Mini-Split Heat Pump

Choosing a Mini-Split Heat Pump

Heat Pump FAQ

Mini-Split Heat Pump FAQ

Energy Calculator

Find out how much electricity your appliances, lights and heaters use in your home.

Corporate Profile

Since 1918 Maritime Electric has delivered electricity on Prince Edward Island, providing reliable service at the lowest

Our Team

Who we are at Maritime Electric.

History of Maritime Electric

The Company was incorporated in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1917.


Projects completed by Maritime Electric to secure the Island's electricity future.

Contact Us

Please send us your comments, questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.

Proposed Transmission Line and Clyde River Substation Project

Maritime Electric is proposing the construction of a 138 kV transmission line from Maple Plains to a new substation in C

Message to our Customers during COVID-19

Message to our Customers during COVID-19

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

As a responsible member of the community, Maritime Electric is committed to the prevention of workplace injury, the prev

Renewable Energy

In Prince Edward Island, renewable energy means wind energy. Prince Edward Island has the highest level of wind integra


Maritime Electric is a proud supporter of many community groups, events and causes. Every year we strive to provide supp


At Maritime Electric, we aspire to be a sustainable electricity company with a goal to integrate, promote and continuous

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

Maritime Electric strives to be a leading service provider within our service area and is committed to the highest stand


Maritime Electric is looking for motivated individuals to join its team.

Rates and General Rules and Regulations

Please review our rates and general rules and regulations.

Regulatory Filings

Maritime Electric is a Public Utility regulated by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) under the Electri

Updated General Rate Application: A Message to our Customers

The Company has filed an Application and subsequent amendments with the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC)