Engineering at Maritime Electric

Engineering is an important role at Maritime Electric for day-to-day operations, long term planning, special projects, designing our system for the future and preparing for our cleaner and greener sustainable energy future. Our engineering team, and the critical work they do, help us serve our customers all across Prince Edward Island.

We are recruiting engineers, EITs and students to join the Maritime Electric team. If you're interested in learning more about our available positions, co-op opportunities, or in speaking with someone about a career path to becoming a member of our engineering team, email

Meet some of our engineering team

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Frequently asked questions

Are only electrical engineers considered for employment at Maritime Electric?

We hire from all engineering disciplines depending on job requirements or needs. In our workforce here at Maritime Electric, we have engineers from various disciplines (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Sustainability, Environmental).

What would be the salary expectation for new graduates starting at Maritime Electric?

The expected salary range for a recently graduated engineer is between $70,000 to $90,000 per annum.  

While going to school, are co-op job placements available at Maritime Electric?

Yes, co-operative job placements are available throughout Maritime Electric. We are happy to work with regional universities to arrange possible placement opportunities.