Renewable Energy

In Prince Edward Island, renewable energy means wind energy. Prince Edward Island has one of the highest levels of wind integration in North America with the Island's eight wind farms providing a combined generating capacity of 203 MW.

Approximately 13% of the energy distributed by Maritime Electric comes from on-Island wind generation. We are proud of our PEI renewable energy.

Wind farms in PEI

Virtually all electricity produced in PEI is generated by wind farms…

  • The first commercial wind farm in the Maritimes was installed in North Cape in 2001 by the government-owned PEI Energy Corporation.
  • Maritime Electric has contracted with the PEI Energy Corporation to purchase a total of 92.5 MW from on-Island wind farms.

PEI is the only province with a larger share of installed wind energy than fossil fuels and has the highest percentage of wind integration in Canada…

  • In 2015, PEI was one of only two provinces in Canada which generated 10% or more of its electricity from wind sources.
  • In 2022, Maritime Electric purchased 222,600 MWh of on-Island wind energy, representing approximately 16% of total electricity supplied.
  • At the appropriate amount, wind generation is a competitively priced source of electricity for Maritime Electric and we continue to work with the provincial government to increase the amount of wind, and other renewable forms of generation.